Whoa Moscow

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St Basils by night

I’ve been to a variety of rough and ready cities in Asia and Africa, but I think largely due to preconceptions and geo-political history; Moscow felt like one of the more exotic cities I’ve visited.

First thing, the city is big in and lets you know it. Not like Manhattan or Tokyo where small streets and density of life make you feel like you should be able to get around the whole thing on foot. No, Moscow has HUGE streets that flow like rivers, and require you to go underground to get to the other side. The result is that walking feels like an epic journey and there are long stretches where there is little along the side of the street because there aren’t pedestrians or slow trafic that would stop. As a result, it reminded me more of Houston than of a capital or major European city.

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Nordic sunsets

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horsens sunset 1

While I hold that New Mexico still has the most beautiful sunsets in the world, I was well impressed with a few sunsets I saw in Denmark and Finland. The picture above is from a sunset in Horsens, Denmark. I sat out on my hotel balcony with a glass of wine and watch the sky for a good 30 minutes as it was painted a range of yellow, orange, and purple. The one below was in Helsinki, and left the whole city as a sharp silhouette on an orange sky for the better part of an hour.

Helsinki Sunset

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Along with my parents providing inspiration to get me out and adventuring – the place where they chose to raise me also played a huge part in making me into the adventure junkie I am. Spending a minute and a bit watching the video above that I shot while back home for a week in June should give you an idea why. I was raised with a big back yard. Admittedly not all of it is really ours, but as a kid it was ours to roam around on, and that left me with the lust for climbing mountains and seeing what’s beyond the next row of trees. Cheers mum and dad., and thanks New Mexico.

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Rock climbing in New Mexico

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I’m back in my homeland of New Mexico at the moment and enjoying it like a proper resort holiday. I’ve been on plenty of hikes, chilling in a hot tub, and yesterday had a chance to do a little rock climbing. I managed to scramble up each of the routes we roped, and had some fun bouldering around, but the highlight of the day was seeing my friend Ryan’s silly grin as he marked the routes for the rest of us to follow. Certainly a reminder of just how joyful the great outdoors can be.

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The Royal Ascot

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My friend Brian came for a visit to London, and we took a Saturday jaunt out to see the Royal Ascot. The horse races of My Fair Lady fame were just as ridiculous as I imagined: a sea of glamorous hats and the sound of corks popping all around. We had a lovely picnic and greatly enjoyed the races, but he real story of the day is how how everyone started the day being fancy and glamorous and ended the day as one giant shit show. I didn’t manage to catch any of the falling girls on film, but women who weren’t used to walking drunk in heels were stumbling all over the place. People passed out on the grass, and the whole place was covered in rubbish. What’a day.

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