Explore your abandoned back yard

This weekend I was wandering around Bath, and walked by a fairly large apartment block that was boarded up and ready for demolition. My imagination switched into high gear and only the need to return to London kept me from stopping the group for a bit of urban exploration.

I’ve only done a little bit of abandoned exploration, the most exciting of which was wandering down a couple of hallways of old US military barracks in the old Panama Canal Zone (see image right). It wasn’t really hard core as far as exploration goes, but I certainly felt a thrill wandering around a space that felt more hospitable to ghost stories than people.

I’ve always been slightly fascinated by unused human spaces, like the old ghost towns (or soon to be ghost towns) I’d dive through as a kid gowning up as a kid in New Mexico. But my interest was recently kindled by the ongoing series of abandoned places on Web Urbanist. While following this, I somehow missed a great compilation post that can serve an introduction to exploring the abandoned world. Defiantly food for thought if you know of any old abandoned places around, you get to see another world without traveling very far at all.

Collage from WebUrbanist

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