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Haunting toilet

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Creepy Swedish toilets

I’ve been to some terrible toilets in my travels, but none has haunted me as long as long as this one at a restaurant in Sweden. The toilets we clean, the sink water the perfect temperature, soap and towels were stocked. But, in the mirror in front of the urinals was a ghostly video projection of a woman tossing around her hair and puckering her lips. I’m not entirely sure why the projection was there, or what possessed someone to think that it was a good idea. But it now ranks in my list of world’s worst toilets.

It’s not gonna rain (again)

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Cross posted from The ONE Blog


I have a catch phrase that’s served me well along the U2 tour: “It’s not gonna rain.” Thus far with that phrase and the collective will power of tens of thousands of fans, we’ve managed to keep the rain off of us despite what the forecast said. I suppose I should have been saying, “It’s not gonna rain, and there won’t be gale force winds.” But I didn’t, and so that was our weather for the first day in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can get a sense of the conditions from the picture above from when we were unloading in the morning.

But the rough and rugged ONE volunteers braved the wind and the rain, and still managed to sign up hundreds of new ONE members. I was as impressed as I was cold – I’d packed for a summer concert tour and lacked the proper insulation for the 17C windy soggy day.

Everything changed for the second day in Gothenburg. The skies cleared, the wind stopped, and we were in serious business. We doubled the number of people we signed up, and after the concert still had the energy to share a few laughs and a some Swedish gummy candies – Gott & blandat, which I highly recommend if salt liquorice sounds good to you.

It’s now onward back to Germany, where I’m meeting up with a couple members of the German team for a show in Gelsenkirchen. With any luck it’s not going to rain (again).