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Passing the torch

Sep 28th, 2009 Posted in U2 Tour | No Comments »

Cross posted from the ONE blog.

U2 360 Tour Giants Stadium

After three months on the road with the U2 360 tour, I’m now passing the torch (well, walkie-talkie since we didn’t have a torch) to Matt Higginson.

I’ve had a fantastic time, meeting ONE members around Europe and North America and working with our volunteers to sign up tens of thousands of new folks. But, now Matt is back from leave so I have a chance to head home to London and get back to mobilising our global membership to take action on some key upcoming moments.

Thank you to everyone who helped along the way, especially the hundreds of energetic and passionate volunteers who really did all the hard work of signing up new members. I hope to see you all again soon and that you’ll join me in wishing Matt good luck with the rest of the tour.

Breakfast on the beach

Aug 3rd, 2009 Posted in U2 Tour | 1 Comment »


I was in Nice for less than 48 hours, but thankfully was afforded a chance to have a take a short break from the tour, meet up with a friend, and have breakfast on the beach – my fourth outing with a local along the U2 tour. I ordered a pot of muscles and chips and took a short swim while waiting for the food to arrive. I soaked up the sunshine while munching down on the delicious muscles.

It was simple and perfect. My friend’s life stood in stark contrast to the crazy pace of the tour. It was the type of morning that makes you wonder why we all don’t just live in beach towns and take every opportunity for a quite morning swim. I know that I couldn’t lead a quiet life forever, but I certainly could stand a few more quiet mornings on the beach like that one.